ASTR 1P02: Astronomy II

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About ASTR 1P02
This course is primarily designed for students who need a science context credit. At the same time, the course is highly recommended as an elective for science students, in particular those who plan to become teachers, because of its strong emphasis on the scientific method and how we came to know what we currently know about our amazing universe.

The study of astronomy has inspired humans to revolutionize the way we understand the universe and our place in it, and has led to the development of modern science. Knowing something about this beautiful chapter in the story of intellectual history is an important goal of this course.

The online Section 2: The online Section 2 of this course is very similar to the in-person Section 1, and includes video clips of lectures by Professor B. Mitrović, his written lecture notes, and links to other useful resources. All of these resources serve to support your learning.

Both sections use this textbook: ASTRO, Second Canadian Edition, by Ghose, Milosevic-Zdjelar, and Read, Nelson Education, 2016; ISBN 13: 978-0-17-653214-7; ISBN 10: 0-17-653214-5