Instructions for Writing Tests and the Final Exam Off Campus

Students who are registered in online courses and who live 150 km or more from Brock's St. Catharines (main) campus may apply to the Office of the Registrar's Scheduling Office to write their tests and final examinations for their online courses at a site closer to home. Students who reside within 150 km of Brock's St. Catharines (main) campus, or are attending a face-to-face delivery course, must write on campus.

Tests and exams may be written only at an approved testing centre to ensure adequate supervision consistent with tests or exams written on campus. A list of testing centres can be requested from . Please note that most universities or colleges have testing centres, whereas some libraries also offer proctoring services.

Student responsibility for writing off-campus:

  • Arranging for your proctor and paying any costs associated with proctoring your exam directly with your proctor.
  • Informing the Scheduling Office about where you plan to write your examination and the proctor information.
  • Exams or tests written at a distance should be written on the same day and at the same time as the exam or test running at Brock University's St. Catharines campus (Eastern Time Zone). If you are unable to find a proctor at the scheduled time and date, please discuss your situation with the good people at

Required Proctor Information

  • Full name
  • Current student address
  • Student email address
  • Name of proctor or testing centre
  • Mailing address for courier service to deliver exam materials (no post office boxes, and no residential addresses)
  • Telephone number
  • Fax number
  • Email address
  • Which test or exam the proctor is needed for
  • If any disability-related accomodations are required

How to Arrange Off-Campus Testing

You must follow these steps for EACH and EVERY test and exam that you wish to write off-campus.There are two tests and a final exam in this course, so if you wish to write all three off-campus, you will have to complete this process three separate times.

The entire process takes time, and must be completed within the strict deadlines enforced by Brock's Registrar's Office to ensure the integrity of the process. Therefore, make sure you begin the process as early as possible!

  • Send an email message to requesting to write off-campus. If you already have a testing centre in mind, tell them about this. If not, ask them for a list of approved test centres near you.
  • Once your local testing centre has been approved by, book a time slot with your local testing centre. The time you book should be the same time as the regularly-scheduled time at which students will write at the Brock campus. If you can't book your test at the same time at which students will write at Brock, contact to work this out. You may have to locate a different local testing centre, for example.
  • Go to

    Under "Distance Exams" click on "Learn More," then click on "Complete the Form," and then complete the form. Once you have completed the form, click on "Submit" near the bottom of the page. You should see a screen confirming that you have successfully submitted the form.
  • You should receive an email message from within 48 business hours confirming that all is well. If this doesn't occur, follow up by sending a message to to resolve the problem.
  • Attend your local testing centre on the scheduled date at the scheduled time, and do well!


For tests or exams written in Canada, requests must be received at least 9 days before a test or exam. For tests or exams written outside of Canada, requests must be received at least 14 days before a test or exam. However, if your proctor is not approved, then you will need more time to find an approved proctor, so make sure to get your request in well in advance of testing dates.

Please note that failure to meet deadlines may result in Brock's Scheduling Office not being able to process your request in time for a test or exam. If your request is not processed in time, you will be required to write your test or exam as scheduled at Brock University's St. Catharines (main) campus, or you will receive a grade of zero for the missed test or exam.

Also note that any proctor or administrative fees at the host institution are the responsibility of the student and must be paid directly to the proctor.

For further information, please contact the scheduling office at