1. final
  2. Kinematics and Dynamics
    1. MC: motion diagram and graph
    2. MC: instantaneous velocity from xt graphs
    3. MC: sign of acceleration I
    4. MC: sign of acceleration II
    5. MC: acceleration and xt graphs
    6. MC: acceleration and xt graphs
    7. MC: two trains on parallel tracks
    8. MC: Where is the acceleration zero?
    9. MC: car brakes then continues at reduced speed
    10. MC: x-t graph from v-t graph
    11. MC: falling objects I
    12. MC: falling objects II
    13. MC: Add two vectors
    14. MC: uniform speed, curved path, what is direction of acceleration?
    15. MC: Which strikes the ground first?
    16. MC: peak of trajectory I
    17. MC: peak of trajectory II
    18. MC: acceleration during projectile motion
    19. MC: smallest speed during projectile motion
    20. MC: force from motion I
    21. MC: force from motion II
    22. MC: force from motion III
    23. MC: force from motion IV
    24. MC: which part of the brain would injured?
    25. MC: net force and acceleration
    26. MC: Which is the correct FBD ?
    27. MC: lowering a crate
    28. MC: tug of war
    29. MC: motion in an elevator I
    30. MC: motion in an elevator II
    31. MC: identify action-reaction pair I
    32. MC: identify action-reaction pair II
    33. MC: a collision
    34. MC: father and daughter on skates
    35. MC: which direction does the collision occur?
    36. MC: motion in an elevator III
    37. MC: two coupled hanging objects
    38. MC: pushing a box on rough surface
    39. MC: pushing a heavy crate
    40. MC: box on the bed of a truck
    41. MC: pulling a block 1
    42. MC: pulling a block 2
    43. MC: pulling a block 3
    44. MC: block against wall
    45. MC: ball thrown down with speed 30 m/s, terminal velocity is 15 m/s
    46. MC: opening a parachute
    47. MC: bacteria motion
    48. MC: increasing weight on an inclined plane
    49. MC: N1L I
    50. MC: N1L II
    51. MC: N1L III
    52. MC: N2L I
    53. MC: N2L II
    54. MC: N2L III
    55. MC: N3L I
    56. MC: N3L II
    57. MC: additional horizontal force on an inclined plane
  3. Circular and Rotational Motion
    1. MC: centripetal acceleration I
    2. MC: centripetal acceleration II
    3. MC: centripetal acceleration III
    4. MC: vertical circle
    5. MC: ferris wheel
    6. MC: dip in the road
    7. MC: gravitational force I
    8. MC: gravitational force II
    9. MC: gravitational force III
    10. MC: gravitational force IV
    11. MC: Weight and gravitational force
    12. MC: rank these torques I
    13. MC: compare the tangential velocities
    14. MC: positive and negative displacements
    15. MC: a barrel
    16. MC: moment of inertia depends on the axis of rotation I
    17. MC: moment of inertia depends on the axis of rotation II
    18. MC: compare the rotational KE
    19. MC: a race between balls
  4. Conservation Laws
    1. MC: Rank the work done by these forces
    2. MC: Work done raising box
    3. MC: How does the work change?
    4. MC: How many forces are doing work?
    5. MC: work-energy theorem I
    6. MC: work-energy theorem II
    7. MC: a sailboat
    8. MC: uniform circular motion
    9. MC: work done by conservative and non-conservative forces I
    10. MC: work done by conservative and non-conservative forces II
    11. MC: throwing balls from the roof
    12. MC: ski jump
    13. MC: a question of time
    14. MC: two objects with the same momentum
    15. MC: compare the speeds
    16. MC: kinetic energy versus momentum
    17. MC: Rank the forces
    18. MC: Calculate the momentum transfer
    19. MC: Calculate the velocity after the collision II
    20. MC: Calculate the velocities after the collision II
    21. MC: Calculate the velocities after explosion
    22. MC: catching a ball
    23. MC: how does the angular velocity change?
    24. MC: global warming
    25. Rotational "collision" (1:15-1:25)