Electromagnetism, Optics, and Modern Physics

Instructor: S. D'Agostino

Lecture Slides and Lecture Notes for January – April 2018

Lecture slides and lecture notes for the current course will be posted at Sakai within a day or so of each lecture.

Prerequisite Review Material: For best results, make sure you understand this very well, ideally before the course begins, but certainly within the first few days of the course.

Note that the following lecture notes are from previous offerings of this course that used a different textbook, and therefore has chapters with different numbers than in our current textbook. The course content has also changed slightly since then. Therefore, it would be unwise to use notes from the previous offerings of this course to try to predict the contents of the current course's tests and exam. However, they may contain useful material, including solved problems, which may be valuable learning aids. Use them if you find them useful.

Lecture Notes (with solved example problems), Tutorial Problems, and Discussion Guides