PHYS 1P91 Laboratory Manual

1. Pendulum; video introduction; pendulum calibration, part 1 and part 2; video introduction to rangefinder and using Physicalab
2. Harmonic motion; video introduction; tips on fitting using Physicalab
3. Ballistic pendulum; video introduction
4. Collisions; Tracker introduction; Download Tracker; Sample movie
5. Standing waves; video introduction

A. Math review
B. Error propagation rules
C. Graphing data

Pre-Lab Assignment Templates

1. Pendulum pre-lab template: pendulum_prelab.doc
2. Harmonic motion pre-lab template: harmonic_prelab.doc
3. Ballistic pendulum pre-lab template: ballpend_prelab.doc
4. Collisions pre-lab template: collisions_prelab.doc
5. Standing waves pre-lab template: standing_prelab.doc

Lab Report Templates

1. Pendulum lab report template: Pendulum.doc
2. Harmonic motion lab report template: HarmonicMotion.doc
3. Ballistic pendulum lab report template: BallisticPendulum.doc
4. Collisions lab report template: CollidingPucks.doc
5. Standing waves lab report template: StandingWaves.doc