Digital Electronics, with Laboratory
Instructor: E. Sternin
  • Thank you to all for a successful term! Final grades have been posted. Here are some memorable moments from final project presentations.
  • Final presentations, Wednesday, April 19, 9:30-12:30, in H300
  • Lectures are now in the lab: M F 12:30-14:00 in WH 305 ST 108 H300
  • PBT2: Friday, Mar.10. See this link. Note that student feedback is due by noon, March 13. Email, text-only (no attachments), aim for 200 words.
  • PBT1: Monday, Feb.13. See this link. Note that student feedback is due by noon, February 14. Email, text-only (no attachments), aim for 200 words.
  • Projects must be selected and some preliminary research done well in advance of the reading week. This means that you need to think about it, make a selection, do some preliminary research, and talk it over with the instructor - all before you leave for the reading week break. Formal project proposals are due in the first class after the reading break, Feb.20-24. Every student should be prepared to have a 3-min "sales pitch" describing the essence of the proposal: what it is, how it will be implemented, fallback positions when something does not go as planned.
  • The online version of LaTeX is on (free signup), or use this link. This allows you to write LaTeX documents without installing anything, through browser-based interactions.
  • Late assignments are penalized with a 15%/day sinking cap; late lab reports receive a zero grade.
  • Lab reports are due by 23:59 six days after the day of the lab (on the eve of the next lab), as described in the page. To submit your lab reports, in pdf format, use
    Class ID = 14371316       Password = integrity 
  • All Students should have a working ID on the Linux cluster and on the Windows server boron. Make sure your account is working before showing up in the lab. If you are experiencing login problems, contact your lab instructor in advance of the lab.
  • There is no final exam; instead, the last third of the course is devoted to an individual Term Project. The final presentations of the projects take place in front of a full class on a day in April (date TBA). Project log books must be maintained, in paper or online form, while the final presentations must be in the online form, and you can start working on them right away, see this link for more details. We will stay away from all other methods (no memory sticks, no laptops), as these all incur an unacceptable time overhead. Each presentation will be followed by a quick question period, and all students are expected to actively participate.
  • For inspiration, here are some memorable moments from 2010-2011, 2014-2015 and 2015-2016 project presentations.
  • Note the marking scheme:
    Component Worth Comments
    assignments 30% Late penalty: 15%/day; some assignments will be in the form of Problem-Based Tutorials (group work)
    midterm 10% Conducted during the regular lecture time slot, date TBA
    term project 25% Marks assigned for the Abstract/initial presentation (5%); quality of the project (10%); final report/presentation (10%)
    laboratories 35% Both attending the lab and submitting a written lab report are required to complete a lab. On the first lab report the students will be given an opportunity to correct and re-submit; a minimum of 75% grade must be achieved on the first lab report. All lab reports will have a 100% late penalty, with only medical excuses considered valid. A passing grade of 50% in the lab component must be achieved to pass the course. At the end of the course there is a final oral lab exam.