PHYS 2P50: Modern Physics
Course Outline 2018 (FW 2018 D2)
What this course is about:

We will be introducing concepts from the first part of the "Modern Era" of Physics, begining around 1905: special relativity, and the wave and particle aspects of both electromagnetic radiation and matter. Every other course you might take in Physics owes its origins to these discoveries.


In this course some simple integrals will be solved, so it is important that the students feel comfortable with the calculus covered in Y1 mathematics courses. Elementary classical mechanics is essential. As such, the prerequisites are: PHYS 1P21 or 1P91 (recommended); PHYS 1P22 or 1P92 (recommended); MATH 1P01 and 1P02, or MATH 1P05 and 1P06 (recommended).

Topics covered:
Special Relativity
  • Relativity of Time, Length
  • Lorentz Transformations
  • Relativity of Velocity
  • Doppler Effect for Light
  • Relativistic Dynamics
Quantum Theory of Light
  • Photoelectric Effect
  • Blackbody Radiation
  • Compton Effect
Wave Nature of Matter
  • De Broglie's Hypothesis
  • Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle
Quantum Mechanics
  • The Schrodinger Equation
  • Probability Density
  • Examples in 1-D
  • The Hydrogen Atom

Your textbook for this class is available for free online, in web view and PDF format or you can purchase a print version from OpenStax on Amazon. You can use whichever format(s) you prefer. Web view is recommended -- the responsive design works seamlessly on any device. If you buy on Amazon, make sure you use the link on your book page on so you get the official OpenStax print version. (Simple printouts sold by third parties on Amazon are not verifiable and not as high-quality.)

University Physics Volume 3 from OpenStax, ISBN 1938168186,

Supplementary Reading:

Other textbooks on Modern Physics such as:

Modern Physics, 3rd Edition by Kenneth Krane

Times and Locations
Times and Locations:
  • Wed 11:30-1:00 in WH 203
  • Fri 12:30-2:00 in WH 203
  • Wed 10:00-11:00 in TH 241

Note: Classes at Brock University end ten minutes ahead of the hour or half hour to facilitate transfer time.


Maureen Reedyk (MC B205, ext. 3877, e-mail:

Teaching Assistant:


Course Communications:
In the event of class cancellations due to inclement weather please monitor the main Brock webpage. For class communications monitor your Brock email.

Learning Objectives/Outcomes:
To appreciate the relationships between results of experiments and theory and their role in developing the concepts of modern physics. To establish the vocabulary and concepts of modern physics pertaining to introductory relativity and quantum mechanics. To analyze and solve problems using oral and written reasoning skills both independently and in a group setting.

The marking scheme:
Component Weight
WeBWorK 15%
Tutorial Exercises 20%
Test #1 15% During LECTURE Period Fri. Oct. 19, 2018
Test #2 15% During LECTURE Period Fri. Nov. 16, 2018
Examination 35% You must obtain a grade of 40% or greater on the final exam in order to pass the course

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Important Dates:
The last date for withdrawal from this course without academic penalty is Tuesday 6 November, 2018. For other important dates see the Office of the Registrar's sessional or important dates.

  • No late WeBWorK or tutorial exercises will be accepted unless accompanied by medical documentation. See Medical Exemption Policy and the medical health certificate under forms and self-service.
  • The tests and the examination will be based on material covered during lectures, tutorials and in assignments.
  • Attendance at the tutorial session is mandatory. Worksheet must be completed during the tutorial session in order to obtain credit for it.
  • Topics may be covered in lectures, assignments and/or tutorials
  • If your grade is less than 40% on the final exam your final grade can be no greater than 45, according to Registrar's Office policy. In this case, your reported final grade will be either your calculated final grade or 45, whichever is less.

Academic Policies:

Academic Integrity:

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Intellectual Property Notice:

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Special Accommodation:

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