Course Outline
  • Instructor
  • Lectures
    • WH 208 W F 8-9:30
  • Textbook
    • Introduction to Classical and Modern Optics, 4th edition,Jurgen Meyer-Arendt, Prentice Hall, 1995
  • Topics to be Covered
    • Calendar Entry
    • Prerequisites: PHYS 1P21 or 1P91(recommended); one of PHYS 1P22,1P23,1P92(recommended),1P93
  • Laboratories
    • PHYS 2P51 lab sections (L1 Tuesday, L2 Thursday) are in MC H308 14:00-17:00 starting the week of January 16. The first lab session will be an orientation. The lab instructor is Frank Benko (B210A, who should be contacted for all details.
  • Tests and the marking scheme
    Component PHYS 2P51 Comments
    Weekly Assignments 20% Late Assignments are not accepted
    Test #1 15% During lecture February TBA
    Test #2 15% During lecture March TBA
    final exam 30%
    laboratories 20% Both attending the lab and submitting a written report is required to complete a lab. All labs must be completed to obtain a final mark in the course.