• All references to Concepts in Thermal Physics, 2nd edition , by Stephen J. Blundell and Katherine M. Blundell

    Homework 1. Due Fri. Sept. 28th at noon.
    • Chapter 2 Exercise 2.5
    • Chapter 3 Exercises 3.4, 3.5(b),(e),(f)
    • Chapter 4 EXAMPLES 4.3,4.4,4.5,4.6 -- Read and understand. DO NOT HAND IN.
    • Chapter 4 Exercises 4.3
    • Chapter 19 Exercise 19.1
    Homework 2. Due Wed. Oct. 24th by 12 noon.
    • Chapter 5 Exercise 5.7
    • Chapter 6 Exercise 6.5
      • (a) A thin-walled vessel containing 1 L CO_2 gas is kept at zero degrees Celcius. The gas slowly leaks through a circular hole of diameter 100 micrometers. The outside pressure is low enough that leakage back into the vessel is negligible. The diameter of a CO_2 molecule is roughly 4.6X10^-10 m and its molecular weight is 44 kg per kilomole. Estimate the upper limit of the pressure in the container for effusion to occur through the hole. Note: you must estimate how small the hole should be for effusion to occur. We discussed this in class.
      • (b) Chapter 7 Exercise 7.8
      • (c) Calculate the time, starting at the pressure of part (a), for the pressure to drop to one-half its initial value.
    • Chapter 8 Exercise 8.4
    • Chapter 10 Exercise 10.8