Experimental Physics I
Instructor: E. Sternin
  • Welcome! Monitor this space for up-to-date announcements.
  • Some time before 2017-01-16 23:59 EST all students are asked to complete the class survey, at this link. Completing this lab skills survey, and its counterpart exit survey (link will be provided later), will entitle you to have your worst lab report grade eliminated from your course grade calculation.
  • Students must complete mandatory safety training before being able to work in the labs. A Science Safety Training session has been scheduled for this coming Friday, Jan.13, 16:30-20:30, in Cairns 207. Use this link. If a phone extension is required during the registration, feel free to enter the Physics Office extension, x3412.
  • Google Calendar "PHYS 3P91" contains the opening times for all scheduled groups. Typically, this is when the instructor/TA is available; students are likely to take longer than 1 hour, so the next available time slot is 2 hrs after each booked one. You still have to request an available lab time slot by hand, but you can see which ones are already taken.

  • Please review the relevant sections of the Lab Manual in preparation for each lab session.