Term Projects

30% of the final mark in the course is assigned to the term project and its final report. Available topics are listed below. Please, choose one and discuss it with the instructor as early as possible.

There is no final exam, but you will demonstrate how your project works and make a brief presentation to the class. Other faculty members, graduate students, and staff from the Electronics Shop usually attend these presentations.

  1. Temperature control using PID algorithm
  2. Automated data acquisition using GPIB/HPIB bus
  3. Automated data acquisition using serial connections
  4. Circuits that get chaos in sync (Scientific American, Aug.93)
  5. Differential scanning calorimetry
  6. Software-based function generator
  7. Data acquisition via parallel port of a PC
  8. Monitor a Coke machine via a serial port of a PC
  9. Measuring the noise figure of an amplifier
  10. Parallel-to-serial converter
  11. Automotive serial bus
  12. Home-automation and home-security via USB
  13. Bluetooth-based distributed environmental sensors
  14. Spatial orientation reporting on Android smartphones
  15. Atmospheric oxygen level alarm
  16. Power management inside a rechargeable battery
  17. PiC-based MIDI code interpreter

You are encouraged to propose your own project ideas.

Some of the projects completed in previous years:

  • Orientation control system with an optical encoder feedback - by V.Tucakov
  • Comparison of lock-in amplifier designs - by M.Anderle
  • Ultrasonic ranging unit - by S.Goodchild and R.Pinnegar
  • Chaos as seen with a dripping tap - by L.Pereira
  • Imaging sonar based on an ultrasonic ranging unit - by T.Taylor
  • Detecting the heartbeat of a cockroach using a Hall-effect sensor - by J.Putman
  • Programmable voltage power supply and the Frank-Hertz experiment - by J.Scott and J.Baranowski
  • A Distributed Weather Data Acquisition System - by Michael Potalivo (2007)
  • A PIC-based signal generator - by Greg Dalcourt and Jory Korobanik (2007)
  • Communicating with a Furby - by Jon Meerveld and John Ryan Mantha (2007)