Research Project
Course co-ordinator: David Crandles
Course Goals

The aim of PHYS 4F90 is to give the student experience in conducting an independent piece of basic research in Physics. Although original findings are not necessarily the primary goal, the work must be of high quality and must show considerable scientific maturity.


The work is to be carried out under the direction of a supervisor, who will usually be a member of the Brock Physics Department. Each student wishing to take PHYS 4F90 is advised to consult separately each of the faculty members to learn their suggested projects, if any. Students with a project of their own devising can suggest it to the course coordinator who, upon approval, will try to find a suitable supervisor.


The time spent on PHYS 4F90 should be 20% of a full academic load. This can reasonably be interpreted as 8 hours per week.

Concurrent Enrollment in PHYS 4F91

PHYS 4F91 may be taken together with PHYS 4F90 with the permission of the Department Chair. A student enrolled in both PHYS 4F90 and PHYS 4F91 will give the three seminars described in the table below, and submit a final written thesis. Typically, the student will be expected to carry out a more detailed, or sophisticated project than would be attempted were the student enrolled only in PHYS 4F90. As such, the total time spent on the project should be 40% of the year's work which can be interpreted as 16 hours per week. Given the more involved nature of the project, the final written thesis may also be somewhat lengthier than that specified in the guidelines for PHYS 4F90. In general the student will receive identical grades for PHYS 4F90 and PHYS 4F91 unless a clear delineation has been made between two distinct aspects of the complete PHYS 4F90/4F91 project.

Grading Scheme
Introductory Seminar 5% Early October
Thesis Chapter 10% first week of January - due before progress seminar is delivered
Progress Seminar 10% January
Written Thesis 20% Submitted one week before final seminar
Final Seminar 20% During April exam period
Research and Thesis Work 25%
Seminars 10%

No late work will be accepted.

List of Undergraduate Theses in the Physics Dept.