PHYS 4P10/5P10 - Introduction to Scientific Computing
Instructor: E. Sternin
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  • Welcome! Important announcements will show up here.

  • Lectures will be posted in Lectures, both as .ipynb notebooks and as [non-interactive] .html files, if you do not have jupyter installed.

  • This course can be taken as PHYS 5P10 or MATH 5P69, and by undergraduates as PHYS 4P10. The courses will be differentiated by level-appropriate expectations in the preparation of reports and projects.

  • Be sure to review this statement on academic integrity

  • Lectures: M Th 11:00-12:30 in MC H300. Note that we re-scheduled the Monday class to a more reasonable time.

  • All lectures will be conducted in the form of a lecture/tutorial, with each student performing the actions modeled by the instructor. If you are sick and unable to attend in person, there is a remote video connection available on request, via internet and a Chrome/chromium browser. The connection instructions are here.

    However, you need a Linux machine with a few extra software packages installed, to fully participate in the class, so this is best done in H300.

  • You are expected to prepare your homework and reports using LaTeX. It is available on all computers in Physics labs, and online at In preparation for the lectures students are encouraged to open overleaf accounts. Some useful resources for writing reports are here, and will be reviewed in class.