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Physics Joint Appointments Within Brock

Stuart Rothstein of the Chemistry Department was appointed jointly to the Physics Department. He then supervised a number of graduate students who did their course work in the Department of Physics, but did their research under his direction.

Jan Vrbik of the Department of Mathematics was appointed jointly to the Physics Department. He was involved in the joint supervision of several of Stuart Rothstein's MSc. students.

John Black was appointed jointly to the Department of Biological Sciences. He supervised a number of Honors Theses in that department.

Physics Joint Appointments Outside Brock

Ed Sternin, cross appointment at Faculty of Graduate Studies at Guelph. This allowed supervision of a graduate student (Richard Cleve, 1994-1995) Maureen Reedyk, part-time appointment McMaster University. Feri Razavi and Bozidar Mitrovic have both held part-time appointments at McMaster University.

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