Research Group

What We Do

The research we do focuses on magnetic and transport properties of thin films, ceramic and single crystals of high Tc superconductors, CMR materials (manganites) and amorphous alloys. Typical measurement techniques include SQUID magnetometer, high pressure, specific heat and x-ray studies. Samples are prepared using a variety of techniques including pulse-laser deposition technique to prepare films and various methods to obtain ceramic samples, along with numerous ovens for producing crystalline samples.

Graduate Studies

Masters and PhD. in Physics

The Masters program is open to applicants who have completed a four year BSc. with sufficient concentration in physics and both part and full-time applicant will be considered. The program involves four half credits of course work and a final thesis, in addition to other obligations including lab demonstrations and marking, typically taking place over two years. PhD. applicants are expected to have completed an MSc. in physics or a closely related field with an 80% average and may be required to complete certain course work if an equivalent was not studied previously. The PhD. program usually takes place over four years. Students working under my supervision will focus on experimental condensed matter physics and materials science.

Masters in Materials Physics

A thirteen month course based program with hands on training in experimental, theoretical, and computational techniques.