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If you are working on scientific hands-on experiments and demonstrations in Java, C, C++, Javascript, or whatever language and environment please contact us and join the project! Even if you are working on commerical products you are most welcome to join.

Just imagine how incredibly efficient these things can be made if we all develop them together in the same way as other free software such as Linux, gcc, emacs, ghostscript, etc., is developed! There will be FAQ's, HTML (and PS) manuals, very high portability, user friendly interfaces, mailing lists and bulletin boards (news groups) for discussing development and usage, documented patches, and continous development! These ideas also hold for loads of software used in reasearch and we may also consider such projects in the future.

This is a collection of some nice on-line examples that could be starting points for such projects (requires a client with Java support, e.g. Netscape Navigator 2.0). The authors of these demonstrations do not take part in the project (yet?!). The Java language has only been out to the public for a few months and we expect an enormously rapid development!

We are working on a system for automated administration of the official collaboration projects. If you know of any interesting examples similar to the ones in the list above, please let us know about it so we can highlight it here.

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