Brad Dempsie
B.Sc. 2007, M.Sc. 2009

Throughout my undergraduate degree at Brock University I was actively involved in experimental research with Dr. Maureen Reedyk. I modified a Raman spectrometer for research, created superconducting materials, and made low temperature measurements. I found academia interesting and decided to pursue a Master's degree. I was able to continue research as a Master's student but was also given more opportunities to teach. Teaching physics at Brock University was the most rewarding experience in my Master's and is one of the most rewarding experiences in my life.

[assembly] Following my Master's in 2010 I began working as a data analyst for the Pressure Pipe Inspection Company (now owned by Pure Technologies Inc.) The company uses Remote Field Eddy Current/Transformer Coupling (RFEC/TC) to determine damages to pre-stressed concrete cylinder pipes which transport water and wastewater underground. The technology uses the simple concept of electromagnetic induction. The pipes are produced by spinning large steel cylinders in a centrifuge and coating the inside and outside with concrete. The concrete (which is stronger under compression than tension) needs to be reinforced, and so the outside is wrapped with steel wires. This means the strength of the pipe lies in a large steel coil. In RFEC/TC technology a tool which generates an alternating magnetic field is sent through the pipe. This induces a current in the coil, the strength of which can be measured by a detector. As wires in the pipe break, the current will decrease at the point in the pipeline where the wires are broken. The pipe can then be repaired in order to avoid watermain explosions or leaks, which can destroy entire roadways or buildings and cost millions of dollars to repair. [PipeDiver]

The theoretical knowledge of electromagnetism that I gained from a physics degree at Brock University immediately set me ahead. I had a deep understanding of the concepts and was able to quickly contribute to the team and help develop new analysis ideas and methods. Furthermore I was able to use the hands-on experience I gained from working in the labs at Brock University to work on RFEC/TC equipment. In less than a year I was flying all over North and Central America using the RFEC/TC equipment to inspect watermains. (Puerto Rico was the best!)

In the end, I can't thank everyone enough for the experience at Brock University. I frequently return and talk to the faculty. A physics degree and hands-on experience from Brock University has left me very well prepared to work in the engineering industry. I have also gained skills as a teacher from the physics department that cannot be found in teachers college. I hope in the future to become a secondary school physics teacher. I also gained a great deal of insight into the research world as a Master's student. I feel much more knowledgeable about the academic world and am confident that if I would like to purse a PhD, the Physics Department at Brock University has given me the skills I need to sucessfully achieve this goal.
Pure Technologies Inc.
November, 2010