F.W. Skip Poehlman
B.Sc. (Honours) 1969, M.Sc. 19??, Ph.D. 197? (McMaster)

Skip Poehlman promises to write something Real Soon.... Now, in the meantime:

Yes, I certainly will add to my Brock page those items that will always allow me to cherish my remembrances from life there.

John Black knows I met my wife Barb at Brock, that my first child is named Catharine after St.Catharines, that my first full- time job was with Dr. Koffyberg, my first summer job with Dr. Moore, and my association with former electronics technologist George Zibens who is still labouring at McMaster, after he left Brock and joined me. I remember Harry Laird's first foray into computing machines with the WANG computer and the addition put onto the old frigidaire factory that gave Tech.Services its very own facilities -- Geeze, I'm getting old and sounding more and more like my father. Anyway, when I left Brock, I was awarded a 1967 Science Postgraduate Scholarship, mainly from the support and references given me by members of the Brock Physics Department.

Yep, I will always remember with fondness my few years spent at Brock.

Regards, Skip

November, 1996

Associate Professor
Department of Computing and Software (CAS)
McMaster University, Hamilton, Ontario
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