Photonics Program

Students completing the program will receive a Bachelor of Science Honours degree in Physics with a concentration in Applied Optics and Laser Technology from Brock University, as well as a Graduate Certificate in Advanced Lasers from Niagara College. You will spend the first two years at Brock, your third year in the laboratories of Niagara College, and finish your fourth year back at Brock.

Do I qualify?

Students applying directly from high school through OUAC will apply to the Physics program at Brock. Admission requirements are MHF4U (min 70%) or MCV4U (min 70%), SCH4U (min 70%), two from SBI4U, SPH4U, SES4U, a second 4U math, or ENG4U.

When should I apply for this program?

Students may enter this program directly in year one, or transfer to this program in, or at the end of, year 2 of any four year Physics program. Enrollment will be limited, depending on the availability of lab space at Niagara College. Students admitted to the concentration program directly from high school will automatically be enrolled in the Niagara College graduate certificate program in Advanced Lasers.

How can I apply?

Please download and fill in the application form, and hand it in to the Physics Department office by March 20 of your second year of study at Brock. The form is available in Microsoft Word and PDF formats.

You will shortly be contacted about how to register online at Niagara College.

What classes will I be taking?

[4-yr flow]

Photonics students will take courses from the list below. The links for each course will take you to the full descriptions in the on-line Course Calenders for each school.

Choosing the right electives

Plan ahead with advice from our faculty. Your fourth year requires two Physics electives, and we want to make certain that the courses you want to take will be available when you want to take them.

Among the electives outside physics you will be taking, consider courses in areas that will give you an edge in job-seeking for industry. Take advantage of Brock's Business faculty, and improve your knowledge of modern business practices. Improve your writing skills in the English department, so that your memos and technical reports reflect polished prose.

Drop us an email with any questions you might have. This program was created for your success!

Year 1 - Courses at Brock
PHYS 1P21 or 1P91 (recommended) Mechanics and Waves
One of the following:
PHYS 1P22, 1P92 (recommended),
PHYS 1P23, 1P93
Electromagnetism, Optics and Modern Physics
Fluids, Heat and Light
CHEM 1F92 Chemical Principles and Properties
MATH 1P01 or 1P05 (recommended)
- and - MATH 1P02 or 1P06 (recommended)
- and - MATH 1P12
- and - MATH 1P98
Calculus I
Calculus II
Linear Algebra I
Practical Statistics
One Humanities context credit or Social Science context credit  
Year 2 - Courses at Brock
Introductory Mechanics
Analog Electronics
Digital Electronics
Modern Physics
Classical and Modern Optics
MATH 2F05 - or -
MATH 2P03 - and - MATH 2P08
Applied Advanced Calculus
Multivariate and Vector Calculus
Ordinary Differential Equations
The Humanities context credit or Social Science context credit not taken in year 1  
One half elective credit  
Year 3 – Courses at Niagara College
BATP 9301 Fundamentals of Light Sources
PHTN 1531 Opto-Electronic Devices
PHTN 1530 Advanced Optical Systems
BATP 9303 Optics/Optical Fibre Devces
PHTN 1432 Vacuum and Thin Film Coating Applications
BATP 9401 Laser Systems
PHTN 1632 Laser Matter Interaction
MMFG 9101 Laser Maintenance and manufacturing Technology
BMGT 9604 Business Principles
Year 4 - Courses at Brock
Electromagnetism I
Electromagnetism II
Statistical Physics I
Introduction to Quantum Mechanics
One credit from PHYS 3alpha90 and above  
MATH 3P08 Advanced Differential Equations
One and one-half elective credit