2004 Seminars

Date Speaker Title
Dec 13 David P. Weliky, Department of Chemistry, Michigan State University NMR Studies of Viral Fusion Peptides and High-Temperature Metal Selenophosphate Synthesses
Nov 23 Eric Poisson, Physics, University of Guelph Wave Propagation in Curved Spacetime: Hearing The Shape of a Black Hole and the Geometry of the Universe
Oct 26 Robert Hill, Physics, University of Waterloo Thermal conductivity: an arcane technique for exploring unconventional superconductors
Oct 26 Raymond Laflamme, U.Waterloo/Perimeter Institute Quantum Information Processing
Oct 5 Erik Sorensen, Physics, McMaster U. Signatures of the kondo polaron in nanostructures
Sept 28 Art van der Est, Chemistry, Brock U. Using Electron Spin Polarization to Study Excited State Processes involving Short-Lived Paramagnetic Species
Sept 14 Peter Langfelder, Physics, U. Waterloo Beyond the Horizon: Can String Theory See Inside Black Holes?
Aug 31 Hanadi Mohamed AbdelSalam Cluster Mass Reconstruction from Combined Strong and Weak Lensing
Aug 26 Mike G. Cottam, Physics and Astronomy, UWO Dipole-exchange spin waves in ferromagnetic nanostructures
July 8 Christopher Ryan Wiebe, McMaster U. and Columbia U. Neutron scattering and muon spin relaxation (uSR) as complementary probes of exotic magnetism and superconductivity
July 7 Victor A. Buntar, Columbia Int'l College and Vienna TU Fullerene superconductivity - is it bulk or molecular?
July 6 Oksana Hul'ko, McMaster U. Study of meso- and hetero-epitaxy induced self-assembly in semiconductor nanostructures by transmission electron microscopy
July 5 Sudersena Rao Tatavarti, Beam Express SA, Switzerland Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers (VCSEL)
June 30 Luda Bakueva, Electrical+Computer Engineering, U. of Toronto Narrow-gap nanostructures for infrared photonics
June 29 Alla Reznik, U. of Toronto Diamond and CVD diamond films for radiation detectors
June 28 Serge Grabtchak, MetroPhotonics Inc., Ottawa From photo-conductivity to photon-conductivity - electrons and photons at work
May 17 James B. Anderson, Chemistry/Physics, Penn State Direct simulation Monte Carlo: chemical kinetics without differential equations
April 28 Ivan Polozov, NIAAA, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD Novel MNR Approaches to Studies ofMembrane Domains.
April 6 Shantanu Basu, Physics, University of Western Ontario The critical role of magnetic fields in star formation
March 23 Brian Ross, Computer Science, Brock University Evolutionary synthesis of aesthetic images
Mar. 18 Stephen Morris Physics, University of Toronto, Canadian Association of Physicists (CAP) Undergraduate Lecture Physics in the sandbox
Mar. 9 Rachel Wortis, Physics, Trent University Nuclear magnetic resonance in the vortex state of cuprate superconductors
Feb. 24 Eeuwe Zijlstra, Physics, Brock University Atomic and electronic structure of quasicrystals: an ab initio study
Feb. 2 Anne Chaka, Computational Chemistry, NIST, Gaithersburg, MD How Scientific Computing, Knowledge Management, & Databases can enable Advances & New Insights in the Chemical Technology
Jan. 30 Prof. Scott Menary, Physics & Astronomy, York University The Physics and Status of CaNOE an in Canada Off-axis Neutrino Oscillation Experiment
Jan. 13 Prof. Andrea Markelz, Physics, SUNY Buffalo Heme Protein flexibility dependence on oxidation state
Jan. 6 Dr. Jeremy Schofield, Chemistry, University of Toronto Monte-Carlo methods designed for parallel computation and ab-initio simulation

2004 M.Sc. Thesis Defence Presentations

Date Speaker Title
Dec. 13 Amirmohamad Keyvanloo, Brock Physics M.Sc. defence Extracting Ramachandran torsion angle maps from 2D NMR data using Tikhonov Regularization.
Aug 27 J. Robert Klassen, Brock Physics M.Sc. defence The design and calibration of a reflectance spectrometer using SrTiO3
August 26 Graeme Wardlaw, Brock Physics M.Sc. defence Kr-Ar Laser Raman Spectrometer for Low Temperature Measurements
May 25 Mohammad Mehdi Yazdanian, Brock Physics M.Sc. defence Preparation of SrMgxRu1-xO3 this films by pulsed laser deposition
May 19 Zuzana Tršková, Brock Physics M.Sc. defence NMR characterization of chlorhexidine in lipid-based formulations
May 18 Stanislav Ocadlik, Brock Physics M.Sc. defence  Far-infrared spectroscopy of heavy fermion superconductor CeCoIn5
May 17 Ivana Bosa, Brock Physics M.Sc. defence Exact property estimation from diffusion Monte Carlo with minimal stochastic reconfiguration

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