2005 Seminars

Date Speaker Title
November 22 Jean Duhamel, Chemistry, University of Waterloo Long Range Motions of Polymers in Solution Studied by Fluorescence
November 8 Reinhard K. Kremer, MPI für Festkörperforschung in Stuttgart, Germany Helicoidal Magnetic Ordering of Frustrated Antiferromagnetic Cu Spin Chains
October 4 Martin Zinke-Allmang, Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of Western Ontario Medical Physics Program at University of Western Ontario
September 30 Dr. Bruno Tomberli, Department of Physics, University of Guelph Applications of Fluctuation Theorems in Biophysics
September 28 Dr. Thad Harroun, Canadian Neutron Beam Centre, Chalk River Laboratories Neutron Scattering for Biology Applications in Membrane Biophysics
September 27 Dr. Xiaoning Pan, Group in the Radiation Sciences, Universite de Sherbrooke Mechanism and site of attack for direct damage to DNA by low-energy electrons
September 20 Dr. Sergei Sharapov, Dept. of Physics & Astronomy, McMaster University Dirac-like quasiparticles in an external magnetic field: graphene and D-density waves
April 19 Stuart M. Rothstein, Dept. of Chemistry & Physics, Brock University Filtering histograms to investigate biomolecular simulation data
April 12 Blaine Chronik, Physics Dept. & Astronomy & Dept. of Medical Biophysics, University of Western Ontario Electromagnetic Exposure in Magnetic Resonance Imaging
April 5 David Crandles, Physics Dept., Brock University Ferromagnetism and Disorder in SrRu1-xMgxO3Systems
April 5 Doug Welch, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, McMaster University Astrophysics from Microlensing Surveys: Results from the MACHO Project and Prospects for the superMACHO Project
Mar 29 Norbert Bartel, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy, York University, Canadian Association of Physicists Undergraduate Lecture Testing Einstein's Universe
Mar 1 Bozidar Mitrovic, Physics Dept., Brock University Physics of Frustration
Mar 1 Eeuwe Zijlstra , Physics Dept., Brock University Computer programs that work!
Feb 8 Ravi Menon, Robarts Research Institute, University of Western Ontario Spin 1/2 and Neuroscience: Functional MRI Studies of Human Brain
Jan 18 Paul Higgs, Canada Research Chair in Biophysics, Department of Physics, McMaster University Studying the Evolution of Mitochondrial Genomes Using the Ogre Relational Database
Jan 11 Graeme Luke, Department of Physics, McMaster University Studying Unconventional Superconductors with Muons

2005 M.Sc. Thesis Defence Presentations

Date Speaker Title
September 29 Talayeh Hezareh, Brock Physics M.Sc. defence Study of the Properties of Piezoelectric Materials and Manganese-based Oxide P

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