2007 Seminars

Date Speaker Title
Nov. 19 Rachel Wortis, Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario Mental-insulator transitions with both disorder and interactions
Oct. 16 Jan Veizer, Ottawa-Carleton Geoscience Center, University of Ottawa Climate, water cycle and CO2: a geological perspective
Oct. 2 Hoi-Kwong Lo, University of Toronto From Quantum Security to Quantum Hacking
Sept. 18 Andrew Jordan, University of Rochester, New York, USA Quantum Undemolition - Undoing quantum measurement by erasing information
May 31 Klaus Gawrisch, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, Maryland, USA Nanoporous anodic aluminum oxide as substrate for functional reconstitution of G-protein coupled membrane receptors
Apr. 3 James Blackburn, Professor of Physics & Computer Science, Wilfred Laurier University An Analog Simulation Approach to Modelling Josephson Junctions
Mar. 27 Martin Houde, Canada Research Chair in Star Formation, Department of Physics & Astronomy, The University of Western Ontario Molecular Clouds, Magnetic Fields, and the Formation of Stars
Mar. 20 Michael Kolioss, Canada Research Chair Biomedical Applications of Ultrasound, Associate Professor of Physics, Ryerson University Ultrasound imaging and spectroscopy for the detection of the structural changes during cell death
Mar. 16 Doug Welch, Department of Physics & Astronomy, McMaster University New Science from Ancient Supernovae Light Echoes
Feb 27 Jeffrey L. Hutter, Chair & Associate Professor, Department of Physics & Astronomy, The University of Western Ontario Small and Ultra-Small Angle Neutron Scattering Studies of Hydrogels

2007 M.Sc. Thesis Defence Presentations

Date Speaker Title
Nov. 19 Bao Chang Liu, Brock Physics M.Sc. defence Optical Properties of Organic Superconductor k-(BETS)2FeBr4
Oct. 4 Shahab Jamali Gharetape, Brock Physics M.Sc. defence Electric and magnetic properties of LaV1-xO3
Oct. 2 Gary Fekete, Brock Physics M.Sc. defence Phonon spectra and thermodynamic properties of rare gas solids based on empirical and semi-empirical (ab initio) two-body potentials: A comparative study
May 30 Sara Sadeghi, Brock Physics M.Sc. defence Order and membrane organization in chlorhexidine-lipid mixtures
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