2016 Seminars

Date Speaker Title
January 12 Joe Szabo, Niagara Health System, Walker Family Cancer Centre Medical Physics at the Walker Family Cancer Centre
January 26 David Crandles, Brock University Giant Permittivity Materials
February 2 Patrick Clancy, University of Toronto Exploring spin-orbit-driven physics in iridates with synchrotron x-rays
February 4, 3:00 pm, WH 207 PHYS 4F90 presentations D. Wachmann, F. Ahmed, Z. Sutherland, M. Pula
February 9 Scott Menary, York University Would an Anti-apple Fall Up?
CAP Undergraduate Lecture Tour
February 23 Zin Tun, National Research Council Canada
Canadian Nuclear Laboratories
Neutron Reflectometry – a tool for research on thin films and surfaces
March 8 Jan Kycia, Univ. of Waterloo Specific heat and magnetization studies of Dy2Ti2O7
March 14, 2:00 pm, WH202 Ron Rogge, Canadian Nuclear Labs Physics Solves a Mystery
Date Speaker Title
September 27 Tapash Chakraborty, University of Manitoba Search for Majorana fermions in semiconductor nanostructures
October 4 Kari Dalnoki-Veress, McMaster University Soft Materials at surfaces and interfaces: Elastocapillarity
Friday, October 7, 3:45pm PL311 PHYS 4F90 Presentations D. Vaillancourt, A. Romano
October 18 Mats Selen, University of Illinois From Particle Physics to Education: The Role of Tinkering
October 25 Chris Bergevin, York University The active ear

2016 Thesis Defence Presentations

Date Speaker Degree Title
January 5 Andrew Cheesman MSc Optimizing Computational Frameworks to Study the Influence of the Protein Environment on the Individual Site Energies of Chromophores in Photosystem II of Photosynthesis
April 8 Egor Ospadov PhD Theory and Application of a Pure-sampling Quantum Monte Carlo Algorithm
June 6 Dmitry Pshenitsin PhD Conservation laws of magneto-hydrodynamics and their symmetry transformation properties
August 23 Brad Van Oosten PhD A Multi-Scale Molecular Dynamic Approach to the Study of the Outer Membrane of the Bacteria Psudomonas Aeruginosa PA01 and the Biocide Chlorhexidine

Unless otherwise noted, Departmental seminars are at 1:00pm in MC H313.
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