Degree-level Expectations (DLEs)
Every Ontario University is required to create its own process of establishing new and modifying and reviewing existing programs, within the so-called Quality Assurance Framework of the Ontario Universities Council on Quality Assurance (OUCQA). Brock has its own Quality Assurance Office that is responsible for this process and, in particular, for maintaining Brock Undergraduate Degree-level Learning Expectations (UDLEs) and Brock Graduate Degree-level Learning Expectations (GDLEs), within each of the six broad categories agreed upon by the Ontario Council of Academic Vice-Presidents (OCAV).

The Faculty of Mathematics and Science (FMS), in turn, has defined its own, Faculty-specific versions of UDLEs and GDLEs, based on the University ones.

At the program level, each programs within Physics has program-specific Program-level Learning Expectations that map onto the FMS and Brock-level DLEs.

Finally, depending on the pedagogical model adopted by the instructor, each course may have its own Course-level Learning Outcomes (CLOs) which are specific statements of the competencies and aptitudes that a student must demonstrate (through course assessment) upon successful completion of the course.

It is the stated intent of the Quality Assurance Framework to cultivate a culture of quality in education without becoming an impediment of continuous program improvements (Quality Assurance Framework, Ontario Universities Council on Quality Assurance,, Nov.2014). Developing and refining various levels of Learning Expectations (and, possibly, Learning Outcomes) is an ongoing, continuous process that started in 2008.

The following tables presents a summary of the Undegraduate Degree-Level Expectations (DLEs), as defined by Brock University and as further refined for the Faculty of Mathematics and Science (FMS), in each of the OCAV categories. Unlike the University DLEs, the FMS DLEs are defined identically for both Honours and Pass degrees.

Physics UDLEs
Under development.

As the above tables demonstrate, there is only a minimal refinement of the GDLEs from the University to the Faculty level (highlighted in red). Therefore, in what follows the designation "Brock/FMS GDLEs" is used. The task of generating program-specific Learning Expectations is left to the individual Departments.

Learning Expectations for Ph.D. in Physics
Under development.