Sample prices from Brock Bookstore

Prices shown as of September 1, 1994, quoted by Patrick G.

In September 1994, Brock University Bookstore has quoted the following prices for the sample configurations of personal computers, as recommended for purchase by Brock students in the Report to Senate, CCCP 1993/94.

All prices are subject to change without notice. Contact the Bookstore for an up-to-date quotation. All prices do not include the applicable taxes.

IBM PC compatible

Price as of Sept. 1994: $2,225

Apple Macintosh

Price as of Sept. 1994: $2,293

Note: promo price for September 1994: $2,046, incl. Claris Works


		    IBM         Mac
  MS Word         $153.10     $105.55 
  MS Excel        $153.10     $153.00
  MS Works         $73.10     $100 (approx.)
  Symantec C++     $65.75     $115.55