Long Range Considerations

While this report has dealt primarily with the immediate future, the committee has a number of observations to make on long range efforts in promoting computer competency.

One outgrowth of the increased emphasis on computer literacy will be increased demand for the computer resources on campus. As was predicted in the 1988/89 CCCP report, it is unlikely that the University itself will be able to supply all of the resources required. At some time in the future we must expect that students will provide their own computing resources (much as they do now with calculators when previously universities provided calculator labs). We foresee moving towards this end gradually and through a number of phases. Firstly that recommendations for hardware/software configurations be made so that students will know what to purchase. Secondly, that the Bookstore stock these configurations and sell them at aggressive prices. Later, a lease-to-own plan should be established to make it easier for all students to make a purchase. Finally, Brock could require (as a condition for registration) that a student have a micro-computer of the recommended configuration.

If we are to achieve our goal, we will need to monitor our progress towards it. This will require some mechanism for determining the levels of computer competency of incoming students (a proposal mentioned elsewhere) and of graduating students. CCCP should consider this in the future.