Motivating Staff

The success of any of these efforts will hinge on the ability of the staff in various areas to support them. Three areas are especially critical: the Library, the Department of Computer and Communications Services and the Instructional Development Office. However, staff in all areas will be affected and must likely provide support.

Many of the staff already have reasonable levels of computer competence. Those who do not should be encouraged to acquire computer competency. Those who do should be encouraged to increase their competency and make use of their acquired skills. Staff should be granted release time to attend seminars, workshops and courses on computer use both within and external to the university. Efforts to acquire and improve computer competency should be recognized during performance reviews.

Much of the innovation in the use of computing within the university will likely come from staff. These efforts should be encouraged by managers through the acquisition of resources, release time to attend conferences and workshops and recognition during performance reviews. Sharing of knowledge and information exchange should be fostered through seminars and/or workshops within administrative departments.