Summary of Recommendations

To achieve the goal of student computing competency, the subcommittee makes a number of recommendations. The following is a summary of the recommendations embodied in the above listed by the responsible office, department or committee.

Instructional Development Office (IDO)

IDO should take on the role of champion of computing in the curricula (even if it means hiring or seconding). In particular:


Should actively promote student computer competency. In particular:


Should support the principle of computer use in the programmes. In particular:


Should strongly embrace electronic information distribution. In particular:

Computing and Communications Services (CCS)

Should provide greater support for faculty and student computer use. In particular:

Administrative Departments

Should embrace use of electronic medium and support staff in acquisition of computer competency. In particular:


Should actively encourage and support student purchase of computers. In particular:

Committee on Computing and Communications Policy

Should continue to champion computing within the university. In particular:

Committee on Academic Policy

Should consider making some credit computing courses accessible as context courses (or introduce a new context category for computing or information technology).

Committee on Promotion and Tenure

Should consider courseware development and efforts towards integration of computing into the curricula as indication of meritorious teaching and scholarly activity.

Committee on Admissions

Should consider how entrance level computer competency can be determined in support of departments which may wish to require computer competency for entrance to their programmes.