Two kinds of support are required within the university to foster the environment we foresee. The first is support for faculty and staff in becoming computer competent and in integration of computing into the curricula. The second is support for students in their use of computing.

Faculty and staff computer competence can be fostered by the provision, by the Library and/or Computing and Communications Services, of short courses on computer use. Additionally, collegial support within Departments and Faculties is required, and such activities should be supported and recognized by Deans, Chairs and other managers. The support services of Computer & Communications Services must be strengthened as another level of support for faculty and staff.

Integration of computing into the curricula must be championed by some group within the University. The Instructional Development Office appears to be the most obvious choice. Faculty should be able to get support in their curriculum development efforts from IDO. It would also be desirable for IDO to sponsor a grant programme for Integration of Computing into the Curricula in parallel to its current grant programme, to fund pilot projects and novel approaches.

Student support must come from a number of sources as well. It is important that students be able to acquire both hardware and software on campus at special student prices. Support in the selection of hardware and software must be provided. Computer troubleshooting and repair must also be available on campus. Courses (both credit and non-credit) and seminars on computer use must be available. When students have problems in using a piece of software, they must be able to obtain help. This help can (and should) come from a number of sources including: