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Downloading the Tutorial Files

This tutorial may be accessed from the Maricopa Center for Learning and Instruction web site. You may experience improved performance if you download the files to your local computer. We have created this tutorial as a completely self-contained package that can even be used off-line.


Because of the differences in which the different computers handle plain text files, you must select a format from the choices below. All are stored as compressed archives and will require the appropriate tools for decompressing (we are fond of Aladdin's free StuffIt Expander for Macintosh and Windows). The tutorial includes over 200 small files that occupy just under 1 MB total of disk space.

The instructions for downloading these archives will vary depending on which web browser you are using. First check your browsers Preferences section to make sure that it is configured to launch de-compression applications for files ending in:

When it has finished downloading, select Open File... from the File menu of your web browser.

Look for a file called "start.html" (or "start.htm" for Windows) and open it from within your web browser.

From there, follow the hypertext link to the tutorial's index.

If you have problems downloading the archives from this web server, try the mirror ftp sites.

 o Download the Tutorial files for Macintosh [920k]

 o Download the Tutorial files for Windows 3.1, Windows95, and OS/2 (FAT) [628k] Note! Be sure to use the -d switch in PKUNZIP to create directories

 o Download the Tutorial files for Unix [729k]

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Writing HTML: Downloading the Tutorial
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