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April 1998

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Back: R.Snelgrove, J.Kamendy, A.Slepkov, E.Sternin, T.Roch, A.Brown
Middle: F.Benko, B.Holland, G.Quirion, T.Taylor, J.Baranowski, A.Armstrong, P.Comi, H.Rust
Front: S.Kwan, S.Rothstein, A.Witvoet, R.Shukla, B.Mitrovic, M.Reedyk, J.Black, A.Dabideen
Missing: S.Bose, F.Razavi, M.Castle, M.Hildebrand, C.Sanniti, M.Snajdr, G.Wardlaw, S.Yaghoubzadeh, T.Zaraiskaya

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