The gadgets of teaching - hands-on labs

Introducing Phil Boseglav and Frank Benko

Better tools allow you to ask better questions

  • A capacitor discharge curve
    • reaction-time independent
    • visualization of a very special function, exponential
    • refined math: piece-wise-continuous fuunctions; compensating for a null offset
    • the need for meaningful initial guesses
  • A swinging pendulum
    • direct visualization of motion, x(t)
    • quality of fit to the entire data set
    • the need for meaningful initial guesses
  • Viscosity, terminal velocity, Reynolds' number, standard drag curve
    • leveraging previously learned skills (pinger, x(t), x'(t))
    • escalating the conceptual complexity (R, Cd)
    • subtleties detected and revealed (wheel friction) - room to play

PHYS 1P93 Lab Manual

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