A Physics education challenge for Canadian premiers

Patrick Bruskiewich, editor@cupj.ca, CUPJ, September 2007

The physical sciences and mathematics form the basis of some of the most sublime of human thought. For those few who work at understanding this thought, the rewards are very personal and meaningful. For many of us, we remember almost to the moment the epiphany of when we first understood Newton's calculus, or when we could begin to truly appreciate the brilliance of Einstein, Dirac, Herzberg or Landau.
It is time to bring physics education in Canada into the 21st century.

I challenge the Council of Ministers of Education, before this decade is out, to double our investment in Physics 11 and 12 programs in Canada. ... No investment would bring a higher academic, cultural and economic return than a good education in Physics.

... The only way that such a Physics education initiative will be successful is if you let the physicists in our country take the lead in such an undertaking. For faculties of education to subsume such an undertaking will water it down, and such efforts will be frustrated and unsuccessful. Much of what goes in these places lacks focus and relevance. One has only to recognize that there are no qualified physicists to be found in faculties of education in Canada.

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