Student Success Commission To Focus On Greater Student Achievement

McGuinty Government On The Side Of Ontario Families Who Want The Best Public Education For Their Children

TORONTO, May 29, 2006 /CNW/ - A unique partnership between the McGuinty government and education leaders has delivered its first recommendation on how to boost student achievement, Education Minister Sandra Pupatello said today. "Our government is on the side of Ontario families who want the best public education for their children," said Pupatello. "That's why we've created the Student Success Commission, which puts teachers' federations, school boards and the government on the same side of the table to reach consensus on how to improve our education system." ...

Credit recovery helps students recapture a lost credit by receiving more individual instruction and strategies focused on only the course expectations that were not successfully achieved. It is a key intervention, particularly at the Grade 9 and 10 levels. Research shows students who fail one credit early in high school are at significantly greater risk of dropping out. Data collected from students who undertook credit recovery courses, supported through the government's innovative lighthouse projects for student success, show an 82 per cent success rate. Of the 4,482 credits that were attempted for recovery last year, 3,688 were achieved.

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