Microscope image analyzer
By Caio Rondon
The idea for this project is to assist reaseachers in the analysis of microscope images, to achieve it, this project will consist in a tool that intend to automate some of the manual processes in the analysis of these images.
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Example of processed image.

The user could measure, for example, the distance between the darkest areas. The lower grid is fixed and the unit value of it depends on the resolution used on the image capturing. Using the variable grid we can establish a scale that can be used to measure something in the image. The user may also want to rotate the image to measure some particular element in a different position.

The architecture of this project will consist in a hardware with some knobs; each knob will contain a specific function (i.e.: one will be responsible to rotate the captured image and other the grid width). These knobs will be connected to the PIC that communicates with the software (written in TCL) running in a computer.

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Project Architecture
The software will either allow a live capture of a microscope, and then the user can choose some of the best frames, or allow to these best frames to be selected through a locally saved capture.
Timing permitting some image processing will run in a C code to automatically do some calculations.