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Jewish quarters

A 1641 gazetteer1.6lists 652 Jewish houses from the total number of 1010. A `Jewish Gate' is mentioned in 16551.7. On May 20, 1654, King Kazimir issues a permit to build a church on a site formerly belonging to a Jew who had died in Moscow1.8. In 1717 a Vitebsk scribe (? `kastelyan') Martin Oginsky mentions Telyutin Square which used to belong to Shlomovich, a Jew1.9. In 1750 the Jewish Community buys a square for 25 talers in the Izgorovo district, on Podtigina street, behind the Spasskaya church1.10. After numerous fires and wars many Jews settle throughout Vitebsk, in particular in the Izgorovo district.

Ed Sternin