Shtetl Vitebsk
Vitebsker Workers' Circle

Executive Com.
Vitebsker Org. of the "bund"
Br. 224 WC

I went to Florida and met my uncle and he tried real hard but only came up with one name. He remembers all the faces but not the names. He said the last name of the man (sitting center seat) is Plobnick. My Grandfather Bernhard (Benjamin) Chanin is standing in the back row center.

Marilyn (Chanin) Limmer <>

It appears that the above photograph dates back to early 1900's and was taken in NY (from the English on the chalkboard in front of the group). It is likely the Executive Committee of the Bund local 224. A brief description of its activities is available in a chapter of Vitebsk Amol