Subject: Status of Minsk Records, particularly Vitebsk
From: "Howard M. Rensin" <>
Date: Sun, 30 Aug 1998 14:07:25 -0400

I have just paid a VERY large fee for research in Minsk and
particularly for Vitebsk. I was informed that there are no
metrical books (registrations of births/deaths/marriages) or
Revizsky Skazski (revision lists/census lists) for Vitebsk,
there was a series of books that consist of family lists and
merchant lists begining 1874 with entries up through 1919.
there are 88 books in the series and they contain
information from a variety of sources, where the original
source may no longer exist. They are include Army

If you encounter someone offering to locate information for
this same area, for a fee, ask them what books they intend
to review for that fee. If the answer is different than what
I have put in the prior paragraph, this has to be resolved
before you spend any of your money for this search. One of
us will have gotten wrong information.

Howard M. Rensin, KC3D