From Mon May 27 10:32:34 2002
Date: Mon, 27 May 2002 07:38:38 -0600
From: Alistair MacDonald 
To: Ed Sternin 
Subject: re: HP82341D


Our Linux effort has centered on supporting the HP I/O libraries (SICL)
and VISA.  We ported the libraries from HP-UX to Linux.  but in the
porting we eliminated the EISA layer. ( Problem 1 )

With the SICL completed we then wrote new drivers for each of the cards
we supported.  There is no driver for for the HP82341D (Problem 2 .)  
The Linux driver for our GP-IO card took 18 man months to develop, so
even the driver is no small task.

The HP cards use an additional library PIL while the TAMS cards use
TULIP.  While these name are meaningless to you, we have not yet ported
PIL (This is why we can not even support the HP PCI HP-IB card )  (
Problem 3 ) Porting PIL is estimated as a 12 man month project which we
will complete, at some stage, but it has not yet been started.

Our priority in this project was to maintain complete compatibility for
applications code.