gsl_siman.c File Reference

Detailed Description

Contains the routines for performing simulated annealing fitting.

Definition in file gsl_siman.c.

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int siman_main (void *void_gsl_fit_struct)
 The main function for performing simulated annealing.
double siman_energy (void *void_gsl_fit_struct)
 A routine which calculates $\chi^2$.
void siman_step (const gsl_rng *rng, void *void_gsl_fit_struct, double step_size)
 Step the paramters by a small, random amount.
void siman_copy (void *source, void *dest)
 Copies one gsl_fit into another.
void * siman_construct (void *void_gsl_fit_struct)
 Creates a clone of a gsl_fit.
void siman_destroy (void *void_gsl_fit_struct)
 Frees a gsl_fit.
double siman_metric (void *void_gsl_fit_struct1, void *void_gsl_fit_struct2)
void siman_print (void *void_gsl_fit_struct)
 Print out the current state of the solution.

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