mdmin.c File Reference

Detailed Description

This file contains the general code for performing multidimensional minimization, using the GNU scientific library. Please refer to the module <Multidimensional minimization> for how this file works


int mdmin_main (Parratt *d)
 The main function for multidimensional minimization.
void mdmin_fdf (const gsl_vector *params, void *data, double *f, gsl_vector *df)
 Called by the solver.
double mdmin_f (const gsl_vector *params, void *data)
 Calculates $\chi^2$.
void mdmin_df (const gsl_vector *params, void *data, gsl_vector *df)
 Calculates the gradient of $\chi^2$.
double mdmin_derivatives (double p, void *data)
 Help calculate the gradient of $\chi^2$.
double mdmin_chisq (double *p, Parratt *d)
 Calculates $\chi^2$.
void mdmin_status (int i, gsl_multimin_fdfminimizer *s, Parratt *d)
 Updates the fit to stdout.

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