_misc Struct Reference

Detailed Description

The struct holds miscellaneous variables related to output and fitting.

Data Fields

unsigned int doit
double qmin
double qmax
unsigned int numq
unsigned int numz
char refl [64]
char prof [64]
unsigned int pntp

Field Documentation

unsigned int _misc::doit

Flag for whether fitting will be done

double _misc::qmin


double _misc::qmax


unsigned int _misc::numq

Number of points in $q$, $n_{q}$

unsigned int _misc::numz

Number of points in $z$, $n_{z}$

char _misc::refl[64]

Output file-name for reflectivity.

char _misc::prof[64]

Output file-name for profile.

unsigned int _misc::pntp

Parratt type: parratt|polarized

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