MSMP - M.Sc. in Materials Physics

MSMP is for you! The objective of this 17-months-long course-based program is to provide intensive, “hands-on” graduate training in advanced experimental, theoretical, and computational techniques of modern materials science. The goal is to prepare highly knowledgeable and skilled graduates, who will be well-trained as materials scientists to fill jobs in industry, government agencies, research institutes and universities worldwide. The program is being offered in the Department of Physics and its focus is on the applications of condensed-matter Physics to the development and characterization of novel materials, from semiconductors to thin films to superconductors to liposomes.

Through the mentorship of our faculty, you will learn to work both independently and in collaboration with others. You will learn to identify important and critical problems and to use appropriate methods and techniques to address them. An essential part of your training will be to communicate your results to a scientific audience as well as to the non-technical management staff, and to evaluate business and societal impact of your work without prejudice. These goals will be achieved through presentations at graduate research seminars and through the production of detailed technical laboratory and term reports conforming to the rigorous standards of scientific and technical publications in the fields of Materials Science and Technology.

International students will receive a thorough training in the use of technical English and in the style of technical and scientific interactions in the workplace, starting with a Graduate Student Preparatory Program, and continuing throughout the program. It is an essential element of the program that many of the graduate classes be shared with the Canadian graduate students, to avoid segregating international students into common-language-based groups and to ensure that the working language remains English.

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The International Brock Book has some additional information about Brock University that international students may find useful.