Ph.D. Studies at the Department of Physics at Brock University
Department of Physics welcomes applications into a Ph.D. program in Physics.

The program is aimed at training highly knowledgeable and skilled graduates, who will be world-class experts in one of the three fields of specialization:

  1. Theoretical Physics,
  2. Experimental Condensed Matter Physics and Materials Science, and
  3. Biophysics.

The Brock Physics Department is known nationally and internationally for its research strength in the field of condensed matter physics, both experimental and theoretical. All members of the Physics Department have maintained uninterrupted funding from NSERC and many have received recognition in the form of special grants, awards and prizes, such as Brock Chancellor's Chair in Research Excellence Awards, John Charles Polanyi Prize, and CFI Awards.

Through the mentorship of our faculty, Ph.D. students will acquire the skills necessary to work as independent researchers as well as in collaboration with other researchers. They will learn to identify and solve important and critical problems in their fields, and pose questions of fundamental importance. Our new Ph.D. program will set its graduates on track to successful careers in academia, industry, government and private research institutions, or in any other capacity of their choice.

Students can be admitted into the Ph.D. program via one of the following three options:

  1. after successful completion of a M.Sc. degree (or equivalent) in Physics or a closely related discipline, with at least 80% grade average;
  2. after one year in the Brock Physics M.Sc. program, students may apply to transfer to Ph.D., if they have completed all required coursework, with at least 80% average.
  3. in exceptional circumstances, students with an outstanding academic record (GPA 85% or more) and who have demonstrated superior aptitude for research, can be admitted directly from a B.Sc. in Physics.
Further details are available in the online version of the Graduate Calendar.

Ph.D. applications are now being accepted through the online application page of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

This is a new program, having started only in 2010, but you can get a sense of what Graduate Studies are like at the Department of Physics by reviewing our long-standing and highly regarded M.Sc. program