Brock Physics Deparmental facilities tour

The Brock Physics department occupies space in the Mackenzie Chown Complex. Below, you will find annotated and interactive 360° views of important teaching and research spaces. In the pictures you can click on pin icons for additional information of important items.
Mackenzie Chown B
The Department's principal home is along two corridors of Mackenzie Chown B. Here, most of the faculty, and several of our graduate students have their offices near the department office in B210. These corridors in this triangle-shaped building surround B203 - an important teaching-lab and student space.

Mackenzie Chown E
In addition to the office space in Mackenzie Chown B, there are graduate student, teaching faculty, and visiting faculty offices in the adjoining Mackenzie Chown E.

  • Office space reserved for Masters of Science in Materials Physics: E201 (360°)
  • Example graduate student and visiting researchers office: E203 (360°)
Mackenzie Chown H
H-block is the predominant laboratory building in Mackenzie Chown, shared by Physics with a number of departments in the Faculty of Math and Science. Physics teaching and research labs occupy one side of the corridor on two floors.

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