GPIB references and links

Making HP8234X work

My primary interest in GPIB is to move our Electronics lab onto Linux. The GPIB cards we use are HP82341D, the PnP ISA cards based on TI TMS9914 chipset. We are trying to figure out how to make them work under Linux.

Ed Sternin, May 2002

General references

GPIB FAQ by Vincent Himpe, or
A brief GPIB tutorial from HP (Agilent)

HP (Agilent) information

Agilent MPU PC Products Overview
A Tutorial Introduction To HPIB, by Greg Goebel (1999)
Agilent GPIB cards for PC, a technical overview | (local copy)
HP 8234X & HP82350 HPIB Card Product Support Overview, by Greg Goebel (1998)
HP GPIB card dimensions
HP 82341C
product page @ Agilent | datasheet(local copy, 597k)
HP 82341D
product page @ Agilent | datasheet(local copy, 341k)

Linux and related drivers

linux-gpib from Linux Lab Project (frozen since 2000, at kernel 2.0.x)
linux-gpib at Sourceforge (continuation of LLP GPIB work, for kernels 2.2.x-2.4.x)
by Frank Mori Hess
GPIB by Jens Thoms Törring (a re-write of LLP for kernel 2.4.x)
Linux 2.6.x (formerly, FreeBSD, but no longer) drivers for NI AT-GPIB/TNT and AT-GPIB cards
by John Galbraith
VISA/SICL and related Linux drivers for HP hardware
HP farmed out the Linux development to TAMS in 1998. Their focus is on library compatibility, and only a limited number (currently, one) of newer cards is supported under Linux. Status as of May 2002.

Hardware references

9914 chipset
GPIB information from National Instruments, including:
Ines iGPIB-9914A (TurboGPIB) is a 9914-compatible IEEE-488.2 chip
NuBus-to-GPIB card by Fishcamp Engineering, 9914-based
A low-cost home-made GPIB controller, 9914-based

Names harvested off the web

From  Thu May  4 06:54:57 1995
From: (Kees van der Bent)
Date: Thu May  4 06:55:04 PDT 1995
Subject: Is there a GPIB library out there?
Hi all,

If you know of a free GPIB library (for specific hardware), could you point
me to it?  I'd just like to use ideas/code of other people, when writing a
driver for a board we purchased (having a TMS9914 controller).