The Sternins

Sternin is a remarkable last name. It is uncommon enough, so that all our world-wide searches so far have yielded slightly over 100 persons; it is simple enough, so that it survived - for many of us - transitions from one language and culture to another.

All Sternins appear to trace their origin to XIX-century Vitebsk, Russia. Several distinct branches of the family have emerged, but so far we have not been able to connect them together. We are hoping that someone somewhere holds a key to our common past. We are pursuing a search through contacts in Russia, but old documents and family tales may have been preserved through the wars and pogroms somewhere outside Europe. Can you help? Is there anything in your family archives?

In August 1997 the Sternins held the first World Congress of Sternins in Niagara region of Ontario. We all had a great time, and made some progress toward joining together the separate branches of the family. We also decided that the information we have gathered already has to be protected. Hence the links listed below now require a password to access them. If you are a Sternin, and would like to join us, please write or phone us and we will be happy to let you in. Note that the passwords will not be sent by email.

Password-protected links

Links accessible without password

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