Shtetl Vitebsk
Welcome to Shtetl Vitebsk!

This page is maintained as a labour of love by an amateur genealogist interested in the roots of his own family, in Vitebsk, Vitebsk Guberniya, Russian Empire, currently a city in Belarus. Predominantly a Jewish town - a shtetl - Vitebsk is no longer a major Jewish centre, and its Jewish history is slowly fading. This site is dedicated to its preservation.

As time permits, this page is being constantly expanded and modified. Please, send pointers/materials that you think should be included here.

Please note: Between 1997 and 2008, this webpage has served as an off-site ShtetLinks site for Vitebsk, while the JewishGen site did not have one of its own; now they do, and although some of the material from this page may also be found there, the official ShtetLinks Vitebsk site is not under my editorial control. My web site is maintained independently of the JewishGen one. - ES