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Voice-over-IP Mini-HOWTO

Edward Sternin, <>

V.1.01, 6 March 2000


How to setup a Linux System to use its existing LAN or WAN connection to send voice. Intended to be a short practical guide to an end user, and not a developer-oriented document. The problem I was trying to solve is the following: to an existing network of Linux servers involving LAN, WAN, and dial-up connections, add a simple and maintenance-free Voice-over-IP connection among all nodes. For a company with several remote sites, connected via data network, this provides a simple way to eliminate the need for a separate voice line from the telephone company for internal communications. The ideal interface is the natural one: pick up the phone, dial a number, hear rings, etc.; the user should not have to run a program, click a mouse, whatever -- beyond the initial setup.


Ed Sternin