Experimental Physics II (Electronics)
Instructor: E. Sternin
  • This year's term project presentation(s): April 19, 2022, 10:00, H300
  • This is a senior undergraduate laboratory course, 13 weeks in duration, four hours per week. See the Lab Manual link on the left.
  • Lab reports must be typed, and written in the form of a scientific paper. Excessive reproduction of the lab manual is discouraged; students should use a proper form of citation and an appropriate bibliography. However, each lab report should contain all information necessary to reproduce the results. Lab marks conribute a total of 70% to the final mark. Late lab reports are penalized at 15%/day sinking cap.
  • In addition, a term project requiring at least three weeks of independent work by the student is completed, and a public presentation of the project is made. The project contributes 20% and the two seminar presentations (project proposal the week of March 1, and the final presentation) icontribute additional 10% to the final mark. For inspiration, some previously-completed or currently available projects are listed under Term Projects on the left; additional ideas will be discussed in class and students are encouraged to come up with their own.
  • Maintaining safe and tidy workspace in the laboratory is required. A passing grade in the course is conditional on the final clean-up of the laboratory workspace at the end of the term, to the satisfaction of the instructor.
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